Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why I Train... 30 Day Challenge V13

Over the years I have heard the same question over and over... Why do you workout so much? This is usually followed by you are already small... UMMMM First, I am not small I am short, I am FIT lol and you don't stay "small" by sitting on your ass all day... Just Sayin...

So why do I train? They answer has changed so many times over the years.

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1. Mom and Dad- My mom has been a PE teacher for 30 years and my dad ran cross country and played football for the US Air Force while he served during Vietnam. Fitness is in my Blood. 
2. Kids sports- Now obviously you don't "train" super hard for Y ball. But this is where my love of sports and fitness began.
3. Track and Field- I started running competitively at the age of 12. I was a sprinter and  Triple Jumper. I made it to the Jr Olympics 2 years in a row. So my training was mostly for short burst of speed, endurance, and strength. This is also when I started lifting weights.
4. Soccer- MY LOVE! This was the tell all be all of my fitness. I played for 16 years. This was where my real love of fitness started. I wanted to be the fastest (track helped with that) the strongest (weights became a bigger deal) pretty much just the BEST! I would wake up before school and go running, go to school all day, practice for 2 hours, go to the gym and work out then head home for HW and dinner. This was also where my obsession of what I ate started (it was not always healthy... but thats a blog for a different day)
5. College- I turned down the opportunity to play soccer in NY, where my brother was studying and playing Football,  because I couldn't afford the school (no scholarships available for the year I would go) I had to keep up a certain level of fitness while away. I didnt want to be the typical Freshman who gained a lot of weight. So I quickly found the gym and ate a lot of salad (healthiest thing in the school cafeteria lol)
6. Career- I studied Criminology  and Psychology and was offered a job back in Oralando with the Orange County Sheriffs Office. My training was no longer just for speed, strength... it was to SAVE MY LIFE. I really needed to make up for my size (5'0) in confidence, strength, knowledge... and those workouts got hard, food got crazy and I got STRONG... Stronger then most of the guys I worked with because I had more to prove. I Aced every test we had and every physical obstacle the threw my way. I LOVED IT!

 You I was pretty bad ass haha. Due to certain circumstances, which include early onset glaucoma I had to hang up my gun belt and bullet proof vest lol. I will always love the time I spent in that field.
7. For ME- Being a very competitive athlete, trying to be a healthy college student, to work hard for work, it is now time to be healthy for me and me alone. I work out now for health reasons along with superficial reasons (yep I admit it) I have a lot of unhealthy traits in my family and I would prefer to stay far away. So working out and eating healthy is a way I can control that part of my life (for now at least). I want to live a long healthy life, grow old and watch my kids (if i have some haha) have families of their own.

 For right now I will settle for my nephews :o)

I also like to look good... I mean come on, there is not a person out there that goes to the gym everyday and says to themselves "I really hope my cellulite looks good in these shorts" I love getting random compliments... it just solidifies why I train and plan my meals.

So those are all the reasons in my life that I have trained... what makes you train? Why is fitness important to you?

Ok now that I have written a novel for you on with today's challenge.


Make sure to jump from low and land softly. If done incorrectly you can hurt your knees and I don't want any of that. Your Challenge: 50 Tuck Jumps
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I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far... Off to clean the house

Ciao and Train Hard


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